4th Jan 2016 - Cirrus Performance Braking System

Available for installation at Blue Demon Aviation

The Performance Braking System is the latest in performance, reliability and convenience from Cirrus. Contact Mark at BDA for details.

The System includes:

  • Performance Brakes by BERINGER AERO
  • Tubeless tires
  • Advanced wheel fairings

Lighter Weight


Cool Technology

Both options of single caliper and dual caliper brakes by BERINGER AERO are available. They are made exclusively for Cirrus Aircraft, built with new fluid technology and were designed to operate cooler and withstand higher temperatures.



Tubeless tyres

Tubeless tires, a familiar feature in the automotive industry, provide peace of mind by reducing the risk of leaks and failures in the higher-stress aviation environment.

Easy Access


Advanced Wheel Fairings

Newly designed wheel fairings are equipped with an easy access door, adding convenience to inspection and maintenance tasks.


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