16th Dec 2013 - Blue Demon Aviation Announces New Logo & Web Site

Blue Demon Aviation (BDA) is pleased to announce the launch of our new logo and a fresh and completely new web site.  The new site offers a significant improvement and expansion of features for both customers and visitors. Over coming weeks you will see us complete the gradual rebranding of our buildings as we transition to the our new image.

Why... Well, it was time for change... As the business has evolved and grown over the years many things have, and will continue to change.  Adapting to this wonderful changing industry we work in has been a vital component of our success over the years.  Though our old logo had served us well it was due for a refresh, and ahead of exciting changes and improvements planned for BDA in 2014 it was an opportune time take action.

Improvements to the website include:

  • Information about our services and capabilities are now presented on the home page
  • A powerful backend system has been created for use promoting aircraft sales ready for 2014
  • A login capability has been created to provide exclusive content to BDA customers
  • Newsletters can now be subscribed to from the home page and users can self manage their subscriptions
  • The resources section has been expanded to include documents for things such as aircraft W&B sheets for aircraft we hire, our capability statement, manuals and other technical resources etc
  • We've provided an expanded history of BDA
  • We've added some history about Moorabbin Airport for overseas customers and suppliers
  • We've better articulated our purpose through our updated mission, vision and values statement
  • We've will shortly be releasing two new newsletters, one for aircraft sales and one for general information we think will be of value to customers
  • Local weather is now provided including a four day forecast
  • A zoomable google map is now provided showing our exact location at Moorabbin Airport

For those interested... we decided to start with a fresh sheet of paper and went back to the drawing board. We decided key elements we wanted in the logo were aircraft for obvious reasons, and Australia.  We wanted Australia for two reasons, firstly because our customer base extends all over Australia and secondly because it maintains a connection with the old logo which also included Australia.  We picked a generic multi-engine GA aeroplane for the aircraft because commercial operators (a significant part of our customer base) require high quality maintenance to ensure the reliability required when operating over some of the remote areas and wild oceans Australia is known for.  The flare which emanates from our base at Moorabbin Airport circles around Australia to convey the breadth of our customer base.  We chose the new font for it's modern but simple lines. The colours we settled on include  a blue, black, grey, white, and very minor use of red.  The blue we chose ties in with the sky but is a blue which will be unique to us. The black, grey and white are clean and simple options, desirable in online and print media these days. We incorporated a small carbon fibre element in parts of the design as a connection to the modern use of composites in aircraft and our strong connection with Cirrus Aircraft™.  The subtle use of a world globe was used in the background of the banner to represent the connection with our global partners. Last but not least! We chose a tiny bit of red for use in website links as a connection to the long serving red in our old website.

We hope you like the new look!


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