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Aircraft Maintenance

Blue Demon Aviation specialises in the maintenance of all aircraft <5700kg, and selected aircraft >5700kg. We maintain a comprehensive technical library covering the above aircraft. Services cater for fixed wing, helicopters, pressurised aircraft, turbine aircraft and composite, wood, and fabric aircraft.


Services include:
  • Cirrus™ maintenance and repairs
  • Cirrus™ CAPS™ replacement;
  • Aircraft maintenance, repairs and rebuilds;
  • Pre-purchase/sales inspections & evaluations;
  • Logbook & maintenance history research;
  • Engine overhauls, rebuilds & top overhauls;
  • Radio & Avionics installations;
  • Turbo-charger maintenance;
  • Propeller dynamic balancing;
  • Flexible hydraulic hose fabrication and pressure testing
  • Control surface balancing;
  • Restoration & refurbishment;
  • Certificate of Airworthiness inspections and export CofAs;
  • Sheet metal fabrication and modification;
  • STC modifications.

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