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FlyThisSim VisX Simulator


Available for hire now.

Blue Demon now has a CASA approved Flight Training Device available for hire. The state-of-the-art FlyThisSim Visual X (VX) Trainer can be configured as over 100 different aircraft from Cirrus's to Cessna's. Aircraft models incorporate both glass and analogue cocpkit versions including Garmin G1000, G500, G53W, G430W and Avidyne etc. The FlyThisSim VX simulator allows you to fly RNAV/RNP, Baro-VNAV, ILS, VOR, NDB, DME/GNSS approaches. It incorporates the Cirrus GCU controller for easy manipulation of the avionics and autopilot.


Endless Model Choice

Aircraft Model Sets Available Include:

  • Beechcraft
  • Cessna
  • Cirrus
  • Corvalis
  • Diamond
  • Mooney
  • Piper
  • Rockwell

EFB Compatible


Our simulator can be used with EFB applications like Australia's most popular and award winning AvPlan EFB.

You can fly in the sim with your EFB working just like it does in the aircraft.

The simulator allows you to easily learn how to properly use your EFB in a safe environment where you can pause and retry various procedures to help you increase your EFB proficiency.

FlyThisSim VisX Simulator


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