Moorabbin Airport History

Moorabbin Airport Today

A brief History

The 293 hectare site was acquired in 1946 and opened in December 1949.  Oddly enough the first aircraft, a Wackett Trainer touched down before the airport was officially opened and was confiscated by the Government!  And then shortly afterwards, again before the Airport opened on the 5th of December 1949, a twin engined Bristol Freighter had to make an emergency landing with a failed engine on fire, whilst flying from Tasmania to Essendon airport.

Only one of the original businesses who moved into Moorabbin from Essendon in 1949 remain open today: The Royal Victorian Aero Club (est 1926- still trading) & Arthur Schutt (MBE - Vale 1999) Aviation was another long term tenant of the airport (est 1936 but closed 2002).

The Airport is now the major centre in Victoria for training, charter, aerial work and private flying. It is also the maintenance and aircraft sales capital of southern Australia.

A detailed history of the airport can be found here.

Moorabbin Airport Circa 1962


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