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Mark & Lynda Howe

Blue Demon Aviation Pty Ltd is a Fixed Base Operator (FBO) located at Moorabbin Airport in Victoria, Australia. 

We provide comprehensive FBO services including aircraft maintenance, sales and hangarage.  We are a Cirrus Aircraft™ Authorised Service Centre plus Cirrus Aircraft™ Assembly centre for aircraft shipped to Australia.

Blue Demon Aviation has been servicing customers throughout Australia since 1991, with an enduring reputation for quality maintenance, competitive pricing and excellent customer service.

Whether you're in need of maintenance, an aircraft sales or acquisition service, or would simply like a first class facility to base yourself while visiting Moorabbin Airport we invite you to drop by for a coffee or cold drink sometime and meet the team.

Our History

In 1976 when Mark Howe commenced his training to became a qualified licensed aircraft maintenance engineer (LAME) two things gave him great satisfaction, doing a job correctly and seeing his customers satisfied.  These two things quickly became goals Mark strove for in every job he did, and later became the foundation upon which the culture of Blue Demon Aviation was built.

By 1991 after a decade of experience in the industry, Mark (also a qualified pilot now) had become the Chief Engineer at Stillwell Civil Aircraft Maintenance.  Mark's partner Lynda was the Administration Manager.  When the owners of Stillwell Civil unexpectedly closed the business in late 1991, Mark and Lynda, concerned about ongoing support for customers, saw the opportunity to establish their own business.  Working tirelessly over Christmas and with strong support from the then Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), Mark and Lynda established Blue Demon Aviation Pty Ltd.

Blue Demon Aviation (affectionately known as BDA) continued to grow, in 2007 being appointed a Cirrus™ Authorised Service Centre, then in 2012 being appointed Australia's sole Cirrus™ Authorised Reassembly Centre through which all new Cirrus aircraft shipped to Australia are processed.

Blue Demon Aviation Cirrus Aircraft Assembly CentreToday, 23 years after establishing the business, Blue Demon Aviation continues to operate as a family run company under Mark and Lynda's leadership, with one of Mark's sons (also a pilot) now working to qualify as a LAME and follow in his fathers footsteps. 

BDA has grown to become one of the largest maintenance organisations in the Melbourne area, employing numerous LAMEs, apprentice maintenance engineers (AMEs), technical records personnel and specialist staff.  The original culture instilled by Mark and Lynda and upon which BDA was founded - doing a job well and striving to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction - have become the hallmarks of BDA.

Today capabilities extend to all Class A & B fixed wing and helicopter maintenance and include:

  • Piston and Turbine Aircraft
  • Composite, tubular steel, wood & fabric structures
  • Pressurisation, Oxygen and air-conditioning systems
  • Engine overhauls
  • Avionics installations
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Blue Demon Aviation


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